Now that weed is going legal, your mom and dad may have some questions. Here’s what to tell them.

The prohibitionists warned us it would happen, and it did. Oregon’s legalization of marijuana has profoundly altered the public’s perception of the once-illicit substance. Legalization—even if not technically in effect quite yet—has led to normalization. That means lots of cheerfully earnest questions from people who maybe haven’t smoked a “doobie” since 1973, who are suddenly interested in knowing all about today’s marijuana scene.

Here’s what they’re asking, and what you should tell them in response.

How do I find weed?

Just ask around. Chances are, one of your friends or co-workers has an OMMP card and will be happy to get you some weed on their next visit to the dispensary. Ask them what you owe, and remember that, at minimum, it’s polite to offer to let them keep your change for the hassle.

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