Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine was originally established in 2001 as S.O.H.E.M.P. (Southern Oregonaians Helping Eliminate Medical Problems)

Modeled after the first medical marijuana dispensary C.H.A.M.P. (Californians Helping Alleviate Medical Problems) in San Fransisco.

Our director Brent Kenyon, through his work with hospice, as well as senior and disabled services of Oregon, has been committed to patient care since 1999.

Through Brent's experience our business has grown to now serve thousands of Oregonians, all seeking ways to deal with chronic medical conditions through alternative and natural treatment and medicine techniques.

Your overall health is our number one priority.

We offer four doctors to choose from so we can best fit your needs. Don't be fooled by less established competitors you see in the media. It takes years of experience to understand all the aspects of the program in order to provide the proper patient services.